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Introduction ficlet

Sunlight filters through the vibrant green canopy of leaves, providing a dim illumination to the floor below.

It streams down, soft golden thick in beams that seem so much gentler from passing through the trees above. Some hit the forest floor; others illuminate the figure standing there.

It's a boy - not very old, perhaps in his mid to late teens. Soft brown hair, long eyelashes brushing his cheeks as his eyes are closed. His mouth is open, though, but what sounds that come out sound nothing like a teenage boy should be able to produce. Layer upon layer of harmonies filter out around him, not so much disturbing the tranquility of the forest but adding another dimension of music towards it.

Joshua Guthrie sang the last note of the Ave Maria, holding a few strains of harmonies for a few seconds longer. He opened his eyes as the music faded away, and sighed softly. It was his last day here, last day back home on the farm before both Paige and he left for New York. He didn't know quite what he felt - excitement and nervousness and trepidition, but... It was going to be so different.

He'd miss the farm. He'd miss his friends and his school and his life here, especially his family but he knew that he couldn't stay here. Not after his powers had manifested, and he had a chance to learn how to use them better and keep them under control.

To Josh, music was one of the most important areas of his life - where he could excel without any of his siblings intruding and stealing his peace. When his talents had appeared and his voice had become so... multi-faceted, he had been torn between being happy that his music could improve through pure vocals, or upset that he had such an unfair advantage. He'd accepted it though and had spent every moment he had trying to train himself to sing only with certain voices at his will.

His siblings had supported him to their best, with requests for popular radio songs - he would never recover from singing Britney Spears - to asking for impersonations. Little by little, he was relearning how to focus so that only a single voice would be heard to an entire symphony. For someone whose music was their life there was nothing better.

He could remember back to the day, less then a week ago, when his letter for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters had come. It had been the same day as Paige's letter into the X-men, and his leaving had been somewhat cast aside with Paige's greater glory. He hadn't minded though - she deserved it with all the dedication that she had shown. A small smile graced his lips when he thought about her excitement and joy over it - it was good to see her so happy. It faded though, upon remembering that their ride to the airport would leave in scant hours.


He turned at the sound of his name being called, and smiled in welcome when he saw his youngest sister. Bent down when she ran up to him and swung her around. "Hey there, li'l bit. What's the rush? Plane don't leave for a few hours." He placed her gently back onto the ground, then 'oofed' as she attached herself around his waist.

"Ah know! Ah wantd to come say goodbye before that..." She stepped back and dug the toe of her shoe into the ground shyly. "Ah'll miss y'all."

"Ah'll miss y'all too, but Ah'll be home for Thanksgivin', remember? It'll be okay."

She half-frowned uncertainly, like she wanted to believe her treasured big brother who had been home even while Paige and Sam had been gone, but couldn't quite be convinced that everything would be alright. "Well... Mama wants to see y'all anyway. Ah think she made pie for your trip there... Y'all will write, won't y'all?" Big hopeful eyes stared up at him.

He smiled back down, concealing his worries for the sake of reassuring his sister. "Of course Ah will. Now we better get goin' before someone sends out a search party." He held out his hand, which she willingly took and led them both inside.

Doubts would have to wait for later - he had things to do and a plane to catch. There was nothing to do but sit back and hope for the best, for now.

OOC: As with Paige, Josh has been cooling his heels in the mansion for a month already. Poor lonely baby.
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