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He's been around the school for a while, just trying to fit in and make life work. It's entirely different from what he knows, from what he's used to but not the fairytale that Paige has at times made it out to be.

Meets some people, never shying away at the visible mutations even when they take him back at times. He's seen his sister when she's husked into some strange new form, she'd brought friends home at times for special occasions, but there's always some vague aspect that he can relate to. It's an alien world here and sometimes he feels like he's the one left out.

He sings; a long pure note, holding it for an inhuman length of time, watching in grim satisfaction as the glass that he's placed a few feet in frount of him first trembles then breaks apart underneath the intensity of the note. Then sighs, and stops. It's not in him, not the destructive powers that others weld effortlessly. He's a singer - not like Paige's old teacher, Banshee who could cause sonic vibrations. His powers are limited to his amazing vocal range and nothing else.

He tilts his head back to look up, eyes half closed, not really focussing on a particular thing. Starts to sing once more, but this time an intricate chain of intertwining harmonies. A church song, a long piece by Hadel full of flourishes in the complicated melody. This... this is him.

It's faith; pure and unwavering. A song of praise and worship and thanks giving, because he's alive and even if he's a mutant and consigned to being hated for all of his years, he can still hide it and live a vaguely normal life. A church hymn, and there in that moment he decides on his codename. His alias, his handle, the one word that defines him and all his powers.


OOC: Written in 12 minutes for the 15minuteficlets for the inspiration word Alias.
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